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HCR towing box truck

We offer top-notch truck repair and towing services.

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No one likes it when their truck breaks down. Whether you own your own truck or work for a company, you know that time is money. The longer you spend stuck on the roadside, the more you’ll be missing out on. That’s why you should make HCR Truck and Equipment Repair your go-to towing company in the Nottingham, NH area.

We’re known for our quick response times, so you can be confident that we’ll arrive as quickly as possible. If needed, our local mechanic can also repair your car or truck. Contact us today for assistance.

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Customer Reviews


Called them for roadside assistance, they got right on it,
Aaa was slow, they picked up the slack for triple aaa and saved the day, great service.

- Christopher Soldani


Good buch of experienced and honest guys that get the job done right and done fast all while keeping your wallet in mind. Thanks Burt and crew for all the hard work keeping my personal/ business vehicles going!

- Donnie Taylor


When you call for a tow, they are fast and dependable- which doesn't happen often when you need a tow truck in a small town. Thankful for a locally owned and professional company, riding in a brand new truck was just an added bonus!

- Jessie Brown